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  3. Early years (1749–69)
  4. UWO Kant Research Group | Women Intellectuals of 18th Century Germany

La Roche was in correspondence with Dorothea Friedrica Baldinger and published her Lebensbeschreibung , with a preface of her own. She attempted, unsuccessfully, to petition Immanuel Kant to submit "some jottings from [his] notebook" to be published in a journal she intended to start "with some friends. She died in childbirth at age She never married. Dorothea's education invovled intense study with private tutors. She also studied broadly in the arts and sciences, eventually obtaining a doctorate.

From , Dorothea's lover, Charles de Villers, lived with the couple. She died at age 55 of pneumonia in Avignon, France. Source: women-in-history. Caroline received an education from private tutors and from her father, Johan David Michaelis. Caroline's promotion of revolutionary ideals led to her imprisonment when Prussia recaptured French-occupied Mainz. She was pregnant at the time and gave birth after being released. Caroline's involvement in the Schlegels' projects at this time can be seen in her correspondence. While the couple lived in Munich, she served as Schelling's secretary and wrote reviews.

Carloline died of dysentery in Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz initiated correspondence with Sophia Charlotte in after she proposed the construction of an observatory in Berlin: he hoped for the development of an Academy of Sciences comparable to those in Paris and London.

After meeting in the following year, Sophia Charlotte requested from Leibniz friendship and tutoring. Soon she proclaimed herself a disciple of Leibniz, and when the observatory was approved in , Leibniz stayed at her palace while visiting Berlin. During this time, Leinbiz drafted the charter for the Society of Sciences, and was instated as President.

In correspondence, Leibniz discussed the real distinction between mind and body, although he provided the queen with a simplified version of an argument previously given to her mother, Sophia of Hanover, with whom the philosopher shared his doubts that the queen was suited to grasp the mathematical analogy he used. Sophia Charlotte, for her part, perceived superficiality, and expressed disappointment to her mother. The pair continued to meet when Leibniz was in Berlin or the queen was in Hanover. While visiting Hanover in January of , she became ill, and within weeks died of pnemonia, at the age of In response, Leibniz composed a long poem dedicated to her.

Some of Unzer's most novel ideas concern embodiment and the immortality of the soul. She saw greater success as a poet. Source: Wikipedia Dorothea Veit-Schlegel 24 October — 3 August was a poet, translator, novelist, and important member of the intellectual circle in Jena. Dorothea was the daugher of Moses Mendelssohn. Dorothea, like Caroline, was an important female member of the early Romantic intellectual circle in Jena, and contributed much by way of correspondence. Dorothea published the first volume of a novel, Florentin , but it remained unfinished. She and Friedrich were eventually married in Paris when she converted to Protestantism, but the couple later converted to Catholicism and renewed the marriage when they moved to Cologne in Women Intellectuals of 18th Century Germany While much of German intellectual life in the 18th century was driven by the university and the men who held academic positions there , women contributed in a number of crucial ways to the contemporary intellectual culture.

Albrecht, Sophie Source: Wikipedia. Ermahnungen einer Mutter, an ihre Tochter. Goethe- und Schiller-Archiv, Weimar. Strassburg , 1: , and 2: Secondary Anon. University of Delaware Press, Heiner F. Klemme and Manfred Kuehn. Continuum, Cochois, Babette Portrait by Antoine Pesne, Source: Wikipedia. An Encyclopedia of Continental Women Writers. Holden, Anca L. Marjanne E. Bern: Peter Lang, Kirsten, Britt-Angela. Marianne Ehrmann: Publizistin und Herausgeberin in ausgehenden Stipa, Helga Madland. Marianne Ehrmann. Reason and Emotion in Her Life and Works. Peter Lang, Eine Geschichte in Briefen Leipzig, Anonymous.

Herbert, Maria von From E.

Find a copy in the library

Primary Abentheuer auf einer Reise nach Neu-Holland. Blackwell, Jeannine. Katherine Goodman and Edith Waldstein. La Roche, Sophie von — Source: Wikipedia. Elise Reimarus : The Muse of Hamburg. Cato ? Undated; Reprinted in: Spalding, Almut. Februar Reprinted in: Spalding, Almut. Nebst einer kleinen Kinderphilosophie.

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Ashgate, Spalding, Almut. All the material on this site originates in the work of Dr. James Hendrickson and his team of collaborators at the University of Victoria, which resulted in the publication of 28 print volumes of correspondence several years ago. Une correspondance familiale.

Biographies et monographies sont accessibles depuis le texte des lettres. D'Alembert en toutes lettres. Vespasiano da Bisticci: Lettere. Darwin Correspondence Project. Directed by James A. Second, Cambridge: University of Cambridge, As of , the digital edition contains more than letters. There is a search interface but no browsing structures that would make an easy overview and entrance. The portal, however, offers manifold contextual material, learning reasources and special features. The Correspondence of John Dewey. Alfred Escher - Briefedition. Die Briefe werden sowohl als gedruckte Reihe als auch online als digitale Edition publiziert.

Das Text-Image-Linking ist allerdings nur eines von zahlreichen bemerkenswerten Features. Orte und Personen farbig hervorheben zu lassen. Gaehtgens and Anne Tempelaere-Panzani. Paris: Centre Allemand d'histoire de l'art, Feldpost - II. Die Briefe aus dem Zweiten Weltkrieg sind durch einen digitalen Bestandskatalog erschlossen. Die Briefe sind nach Stichworten, Datum und Konvolut zu durchsuchen und dann auch im Konvolutszusammenhang aufzurufen. Menso Folkerts. There is information about the location of the manuscript, of copies and of print editions to the individual letters.

This information is completed by a summary, citation overview of the letter and details of known researchers to uncertain data like missing dates, places etc. Project lead by Alison Wiggins. Glasgow: University of Glasgow, Version 1. National Library of Medicine, Henkel's life. This digital edition is divided into 5-year blocks for ease of navigation and contextual narrative. Each electronic text was created by transcription of the original texts.

No spelling, grammatical, or word usage corrections were made to the original text. Editorial interventions are enclosed with square brackets [ ]. Page images are of the original text. Letters of William Herle Project.

  1. Il principe vampiro. La metamorfosi (Italian Edition)!
  2. Weimar Classicism.
  3. Briefe und Aufzeichnungen, Gesamtausgabe (Book, ) [].
  4. Scholarly Digital Editions. By Material.?
  5. Erie Railroad;
  6. Digital Scholarly Editions?
  7. Tao Te King - Das Buch des Alten vom Sinn und Leben (German Edition);
  8. Centre for Editing Lives and Letters, A word-search facility allows the letter transcripts to be searched for particular words or phrases according to a range of criteria. Sample images illustrate features of the material nature of these letters. There are also editorial materials that include an introduction, biographical register, bibliography and details of the project's editorial policy. Hungarus Digitalis.

    Works: 1786-1791

    Jahrhundert zu leisten. Leigh Hunt Online: The Letters. In addition to being one of the most outspoken and influential journalists in the age of the French Revolution, Hunt was a prolific prose writer and an innovative poet. This digital collection aims to make both facsimile images and word-searchable transcripts of approximately 1, letters written by Hunt and his acquaintances available to scholars and the interested public.

    Early years (1749–69)

    John Keats. A Rediscovered Letter by John Keats Mit Einleitung, Transkription und Anmerkungen. Eine weitere Online-Edition bilden die Keller-Briefe. The Athanasius Kircher [Correspondence] Project. Lateinische Briefe der Jahre Letters of Its goal is to create a crowd-sourced digital collection of letters written around the time of the Easter Rising 1 November — 31 October Letters of Clemency from the Chancery of Brittany.

    Facsimiles of the original manuscripts and of selected printed editions will be provided.

    A preliminary version of a catalogue of all known letters to and from Linnaeus is now available. Editions of the full texts with summaries are now available for most of the letters up to Several complete exchanges of letters up to are also available. The texts and the summaries are searchable, as is the database. Livingstone Online - Explore the manuscripts of David Livingstone.

    London: University College We currently offer images and detailed transcriptions of many of Livingstone's letters, and we aim to make all of his manuscripts - including his diaries and journals - freely available online. We also run a transatlantic collaboration to apply spectral imaging and processing to restore a series of faded, illegible texts produced by Livingstone during his last travels The Dolley Madison Digital Edition. An XML-based archive, the Digital Edition offers a powerful selection of search tools, allowing users to perform simple or advanced searches by period, correspondent, or topic.

    The letters may also be accessed directly through a comprehensive, sortable list or read in chronological order. As this follows some sort of "database" or "digital archive" paradigm and there is no introdcution, no overview and no browsing access, it is rather hard to understand what is really in there. However, a lot of transcriptions and synopses, as well as indexed persons and places can be found through the search interface Some documentation on BIA can be found on the Medici Archives page.

    Users are able to find entire volumes or individual documents by search through place, person, and category tags, archival collocation, date of creation, and keywords.

    UWO Kant Research Group | Women Intellectuals of 18th Century Germany

    Mehr als 2. Correspondance Mirabeau - Sacconay In Mozart's Words [Correspondence]. The website offers i a univocal database of all references to people, places and musical works contained in the letters, facilitating the systematic search of all cited occurrences, and ii access to background materials such as reviews, newspapers, documents, objects, paintings, engravings, and books as a corollary to the historical-critical annotations. The letters are presented in three views: i english translation with annotations , ii synopsis of original and modernized german text, iii facsimile and diplomatic transcription from the server of the Mozarteum in Salzburg.

    Seit dem Abteilung seiner Historisch-kritischen Ausgabe erarbeitete.

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    Briefe von und an Alexander Rollett The Letters of Christina Rossetti. All letters may be read in chronological order or searched by full text or recipient. In addition, indexes from the print volumes have been consolidated into a powerful single online index. Each letter will be fully annotated to identify the recipient and the background to the letter as well as to identify Russell's allusions to persons, places, and events within it and to comment on problematic aspects of the text.

    Schenker Documents Online. SDO does not provide facsimiles; it is thus in no sense a digitization project, nor is it an archive in the strict sense. Because it is digital, it provides direct hyperlinks between documents, facilitating rapid movement from document to document; and it offers the end-user a range of tools with which to search and browse documents, thus facilitating the task of understanding and contextualization. Sammlung von Briefen.