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What, you might wonder, is 15 th -century France's teenaged "Maid of Orleans" doing in Portland? Coe ultimately decided to have a version made for the Rose City, in honor of the American soldiers who fought in France during World War I. Portland's Joan, dedicated in , was made from the same molds as the one in the City of Lights.

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By the s, the traffic circle where the statue stood had fallen out of favor and some neighborhood planners aimed for its removal. But art stalwarts prevailed. Perhaps his most beloved piece is this bronze sculpture in Pettygrove Park the Madrid-born artist is pictured here in front of his work. Organic and voluptuous, it is a modern river goddess. Izquierdo's faultlessly drop-welded seams internal to the work and thus invisible give the piece a taut clarity despite its sensuousness.

Which was to discover and develop himself in relation to the world, and create something unique. Not quite.

Statue of Liberty

Thompson, a former Idaho Territory governor and Portland mayor. Final adjustments during the sculpture's installation The Oregonian. In other ways, however, the three-dimensional take on painting is typical Lichtenstein. Sculptor Oliver L. Barrett really did the job and signed the base of the maid to prove it. A year later, three brass nozzles from the fountain were stolen.

How Easter Island's Mysterious Statues Got Their 12-Ton Hats

Alxander Phimister Procter isn't widely known today. But back in the early years of the 20 th century, he was a famous artist, winning honors and accolades aplenty. So when Portland doctor Henry Waldo Coe decided to give the city a statue of President Theodore Roosevelt, who happened to be a hunting pal of Coe's, Proctor was an obvious choice.

To Coe, his close friend represented what all of us -- individually and as a country -- could accomplish if we put our minds to it.

Most Amazing Cities Found UNDERWATER!

Reads the plaque on the statue: "He was frail; he made himself a tower of strength. He was timid; he made himself a tower of courage. He was a dreamer; he became one of the great doers of all time. A statue of a newspaperman? President Donald Trump certainly would not approve.

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  • And this bronze work, which looms atop Mt. The statue was dedicated on Memorial Day in , though the stone legend on its base bears a date.

    The sculptor Douglas Tilden apparently fell behind schedule. Portland artist Gail Mitchell Martin created the 53 charming bronze tiles showcasing local history that were installed at Pioneer Courthouse Square in But though she put in weeks of library research followed by months of work on the tiles , two mistakes sneaked into the final product.

    One involved the depiction of the long-defunct Mt. Tabor trolley service. The other mistakenly stated that in President Franklin Roosevelt slept at the Portland Hotel, which stood where the square now is. The diligent artist, embarrassed, immediately set about fixing the errors. Kids love to push on the foot-tall steel, titanium and bronze pendulum. So do adults. Wrote Oregonian art critic D. I like animals and their shapes as starting points, but I like to think a piece of sculpture is more important than simply a replica of the animal. Took about an hour to learn all I need to know.

    I can lay a straight bead, as welders say, but I doubt that I could get a union card. Throughout these relocation attempts, one thing remained the same: the high regard with which the fountain was held.

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