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  1. How to land a job teaching English in Italy ????????
  2. Teaching in a language school
  3. How to Get a Job Teaching English in Italy 12222 Guide
  4. Teaching English in Italy - ESL Teacher Job Benefits

Classroom lessons and materials are delivered in Italian, so an understanding of the language is usually necessary for English teachers thinking of working in the public system. Most English teachers are more likely to find a job at a private school, such as an international school, than at a public school.

Private Language Schools Private language school chains such as Berlitz typically hire a few months prior to the start of a new semester. Although some language schools operate year round, the main teaching season will be from September to June. However, peak hiring periods during one year may differ from the next year. Individuals interested in working for private language schools should contact them directly for exact details regarding the hiring process.

For a list of the most common chain schools in Italy, please see the Largest Chain Schools in Italy section. Universities and Colleges Italian universities and colleges operate on the same timetable as public schools, hiring a few months before each semester begins. ESL instructors interested in teaching in a university or college should have a minimum of a Master's Degree and preferably some college teaching experience.

Some universities and colleges also require ESL teachers to have basic fluency in Italian. Freelance Tutoring Freelance tutoring can be an extremely challenging way to find employment in Italy.

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That said, resourceful and determined ESL teachers can make it a career. Freelance tutoring will focus on teaching conversational English, which is one of the most popular forms of English instruction in Italy. Those wanting to freelance tutor must specialize in creating an individualized curriculum and individualized lesson plans tailored to student needs.

In-company teachers will be hired by Italian companies to help mainly with conversational English by focusing on proper pronunciation. Curricula are rarely provided so, again, in-company teachers should be prepared to create this based on company needs.

Hiring periods for in-company English teachers and freelance tutors vary depending on the supply and demand. Jobs Teaching English in the Summer in Italy Italy's school year is split into two semesters, making English summer camps very popular. Summer camps usually run from June until September, though duration and location can vary. Some employers will provide transportation, accommodation and meals; however, ESL teachers should not expect to have these benefits included.

How to land a job teaching English in Italy ????????

Again, many camps will only be able to hire English speaking EU nationals. How to Find Jobs Teaching English in Italy The majority of the newspapers in Italy contain job advertisements which can be accessed either in print form or online. The most widely circulated newspaper in Italy, Corriere della Serra , publishes a job insert on Fridays which claims to contain a diverse range of over 1, job postings. There are also specific newspapers containing information for job seekers such as Il Posto.

People with degrees, experience and a TEFL certificate are likely to get paid more. Moreover, bigger cities offer better paid jobs as compared to small towns and rural areas. On average, an English teacher can earn around to Euros per month. A comparison of salary packages offered by different institutions in Italy is as follows:. Living in Italy can be quite expensive for non-EU teachers. It is highly advised to plan your finances before you land in Italy.

Teaching in a language school

English teachers may not get enough benefits in Italy as compared to other countries. Most of the employers do not offer any accommodation expenses or flight reimbursements. Moreover, job security and sustenance may also be an issue. Italians are very vocal with their feedback. Therefore, if an institution feels you are not performing well they may ask you to leave, which would leave you jobless.

How to Get a Job Teaching English in Italy 12222 Guide

Larger cities provide more opportunities for employment. Same is the case in Italy; the bigger cities like Milan, Florence or Rome offer rich cultural opportunities along with relatively more stable and better careers. Here are a few major cities that are popular for EFL teachers:. Many teachers cannot travel to Italy because of multiple reasons; some of them do not have the financial means while others struggle with paperwork or fail to get a visa.

These are programs dedicated to finding English teachers and bringing them to Italy to teach English. Some of these are short term and others span a little longer, a lot of them are amazing opportunities for students looking to get a bit of experience abroad. This program is internationally recognized and a welcome addition to any resume.

The placement generally consists of a hour work week, over a 9 month period October - June. This company tends to attract younger candidates who want to work in a summer camp and simply have their expenses covered. This list is by no means comprehensive, and there are plenty of other beautiful towns and areas that will catch your eye. These cities are simply a taste of where you might find the highest concentration of jobs. You can pretty much land private teaching work at any time. Requirements are a mixed bag, but there are certain things which will be expected for most English teaching jobs in Italy.

Obviously if you speak Italian - let them know! Having some local language skills will really up your likelihood of landing a job. Realistically, you will just about cover your cost of living with a bit to spare for weekend trips. The cost of living is cheap, but the average ESL teacher salary will not afford you a lavish lifestyle.

Teaching English in Italy - ESL Teacher Job Benefits

Aside from money for flights, we recommend saving enough to get you through the first month. Featured Jobs. Science and Math Teacher Wuhan, China. Elementary Teacher Erbil, Iraq. English Teacher Various Cities, China. Primary School Teacher Casablanca, Morocco. Early Years Leader Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Nursery Principal Muscat, Oman. Head of American Curriculum Nanjing, China. Director Dubai, Dubai. Certification Program Teacher Certification Guide.