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Published first published More Details Original Title. Other Editions 7. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Not By Bread Alone , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews.

Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Dudintsev Aba da contracapa Jan 20, Gremrien rated it it was ok. I have heard about this book several times recently, and although I did not expect much from it, I thought that it would be useful to learn about this landmark novel in Soviet literature. It is, of course, very cardboardish as literature, but I understood perfectly why it could cause such a profound effect to Soviet society.

Actually, I was very surpised by the content: it is very smoothed-out, of course, but it is still quite brave for Nevertheless, the novel is read quite lively, it is smooth and simple. Maybe, it was just such an epoch that induces those ridiculous ideas in minds of writers. Jan 02, John rated it did not like it Shelves: own , mexico , fiction.

The author certainly was brave to write such a book at the time but it was poorly written in my opinion. Very choppy and too wordy, too long. He got his ideas across in the first hundred pages but he kept on and on. If I could find an edition with a different translator, I would read it. Apr 21, Glen rated it it was amazing. A difficult read as it's a bit dry However it gives interesting insights into the soviet system Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology.

This is due both to climate change, and the increasing development of the Russian Arctic as a whole. The rapid construction of transport routes, and in particular the Northern Sea Route, brings with it increasing risks. As a result, issues concerning environmentally sustainable development are more pressing than ever. These include instilling a culture of environmental responsibility among the local population and workers based in the Far North. Evgeny Rozhkovsky Chairman, Green Arctic.

Petersburg State University. State Counselor of the Russian Federation; Ph. From to , Olga Shtemberg conducted research as part of the fundamental and applied research programmes in the Arctic at the Murmansk Marine Biological Institute, USSR Academy of Sciences, starting as intern researcher and advancing to senior researcher. From to , she held various government positions at the central office of the Government of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation: from leading specialist to Head of the Department for Planning and Coordinating Environmental Activities, to Deputy Director of the Department of Science and Innovations of the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources.

Olga Shtemberg authored more than works in science and popular science, including four monographs and collections of works in the following areas: sustainable development, quality of life, development of marine natural resources, mechanisms of intoxication and detoxification, marine biological technologies and healing products of marine origin, government administration of sustainable environmental management, technical regulation certification, environmental management and environmental auditing, assessment and confirmation of compliance.

The Arctic has always been one of Russia's state interests. This region is important both from an economic and a geopolitical perspective. This area is home to a third of the world's hydrocarbon reserves and the Northern Sea Route is a convenient transport artery for conveying domestic, strategic, and military cargo. Born July 10, in Angren, near Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Higher education: graduated from the Tashkent Electrotechnical Institute of Communications in He started work in Until he worked in several technical and engineering positions at companies in the cities of Andijan and Tashkent.

Mr Bedritsky is Married and has Three Sons. Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University. As oil and gas resources in traditional production regions start to dwindle, the Arctic will increasingly be viewed as one of the main places to replenish hydrocarbon reserves for the globe. Correspondingly, Arctic nations will display ever-increasing interest in developing the region. Russia possesses enormous potential to replenish its hydrocarbon reserves and resources through developing offshore fields in the Arctic.

However, in order to unlock this potential, the government needs to put in place a judicious and carefully considered policy, as well as a programme to encourage extraction companies to invest. The Arctic cannot be developed without projects which involve young people. As the most active segment of society, they hold the key to responding to the challenges of the modern era. In order to provide the Arctic with a young, professional workforce, it is crucial to determine the life strategies of young people in the region and create an environment which will aid their professional and personal development.

Petersburg Department of the Peoples of the North specializing in Philology and gained the qualification of a teacher of Russian and Even language and literature. Career: to — teacher of Even language and literature, teacher of Russian language and literature at Yerbogachen secondary school. Community Service: She is an expert in national policy issues. Petersburg Regional Public Organization. Vladimir Khavinson Director, St. Since V. Khavinson has been engaged in studying the role of peptides in regulation of the mechanisms of ageing, design, preclinical and clinical studies of new peptide geroprotectors.

Find Places to Stay in Russia on Airbnb

His year long investigations resulted in elaboration of a method for complex application of peptide bioregulators to slow down ageing and increase average life span. Khavinson have been introduced into clinical practice. He is the author of Russian and International patents. The Regional Coordinators Committee RCC is a collegial executive body and consists of regional representatives appointed by members of the Board of Governors of the Northern Forum from their regions.

The Committee is chaired by the regional coordinator from the presiding region. In the coming years, the Northern Forum will strengthen its project and cooperation activities, taking into account the future chairmanship of the Russian Federation in the Arctic Council. An important part of the meeting will also be the preparation of proposals by the Northern Forum for the period of Russia's chairmanship, such as the possibility of creating a committee for the hosting and preparation of Arctic Council events in the Russian Federation during its chairmanship Arctic Hosting Committee , as well as a proposal to hold important Arctic Council events in the northern and Arctic regions of the Russian Federation.

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Other items that will be considered during the meeting include preparation of the 14th General Assembly in , and work on the other activities of the Northern Forum. A road and railway network is currently being constructed in the polar regions. The most important projects under way include Belkomur, the Bovanenkovo—Sabetta Railway, the Northern Latitudinal Railway, and the construction of facilities for the Tommot—Yakutsk Railway. In order to ensure economic and food security for remote regions, it is also crucial to provide inland shipping in the Arctic.

The conditions for creating a young enterprise ecosystem in the Arctic are currently insufficient. They fail to fully respond to challenges related to improving the investment climate, developing tech entrepreneurship, introducing and using new technologies including energy-saving technologies , and providing career growth in the field.

A number of steps can be taken to help develop the small and medium business sector in the Arctic: the regulatory framework can be improved, red tape removed, and funding increased. It is essential to create an integrated support system for projects spearheaded by young people in order to secure development in the region. Pavel Lenets Director, Sapphire. Given the development of the Northern Sea Route and the needs of international business partners, a highly-qualified workforce is essential, as is the development of a modern educational infrastructure in the Arctic.

The development of the Arctic calls for a new social model for the region, one which would provide the opportunity to move away from fly-in fly-out work models, and which does not lead to the kind of negative social impact caused by the development of the North during the Soviet period, which Russia has still not been able to fully overcome. Today, it seems prudent to move to a staffing policy which provides for a sensible and motivationally transparent combination of longer-term residencies and postings.

Anton Serikov graduated from the Rostov State University in with a degree in sociology, defended his candidate thesis in sociology, and graduated from the doctoral studies at the Southern Federal University. Starting in , he worked at the Southern Federal University, serving as a teacher, head of laboratory, dean of the faculty and director of the institute. He was involved in the issues of Russian regional policy and national security. In , Anton Serikov became a finalist in the Leaders of Russia national management competition, and, based on its results, he was invited to work for the Office of Internal Policy of the Presidential Domestic Policy Directorate.

Addressing major challenges in the development of the Arctic zone and the implementation of investment projects to develop the oil and gas complex and the infrastructure of the Northern Sea Route are linked to the involvement of significant human capital, the creation and development of residential areas, and the wellbeing of the environment and safe working conditions.

The extreme climatic conditions of the North, such as exposure to cold, hypoxia, chemical pollution of the environment, a lack of essential trace elements, and a high prevalence of parasitic and infectious diseases caused by the warming of the Arctic climate, dictate what kind of nutrition may be provided and which preventive measures carried out in order to help minimize health risks, both for those arriving in the Arctic and the indigenous population.

How can the health of those working in open areas of the Arctic be maintained? What are the priority areas of research and development in Arctic medicine? How may the prevention of infectious diseases among temporary residents and the local population of the Arctic be improved? What are the priorities in terms of preventive measures to ensure the sanitary and epidemiological wellbeing of those living in the North? Popova, M. Worked as an epidemiologist, chief of epidemiology at Budennovsk hospital, chief epidiemologist in State Center in Serpukhov and Pushino, deputy head of Rospoterbnadzor in Moscow oblast, head of HR or Rospoterbnadzor and deputy chief of Rospotrebnadzor.

After a decree of the government of Russian Federation government N temporary acted as chief of Federal Agency for consumer protection and human wellbeing from October 23, Following a decree of the government of Russian Federation Np appointed head of Rospoterbnadzor. Married, has two children. Igor Bobrovnitsky, holder of a Habilitation degree in Medicine, professor, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Upon graduation from the Kirov Military Medical Academy, from to , he worked at the National Scientific Research Institute of Aerospace Medicine under the Ministry of Defence where he defended PhD theses on crew health care in adverse environmental and working conditions.

In —, under the leadership of the famous polar explorer and professor Vitaly Volovich, he repeatedly organized and participated in Arctic expeditions aimed at developing and testing rescue aids for cycle-independent stations in the Far North. He participated in the Russian—Indian Arctic field research. Honoured Doctor of the Russian Federation.

To participants and guests of the ‘Arctic: Territory of Dialogue’ 5th International Arctic Forum

Winner of the Russian Federation Government Award in science and technology. He is the author of scientific publications and 43 patents of invention. Nineteen doctors and 22 candidates of sciences defended their theses under his academic advisory. From to he worked in sanitary-hygienic service of Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region.

In he was certified as an environmental auditor according to ISO international standard requirements. He is the author of over official publications domestic and foreign , as well as 2 monographs. Specialist Obstetrics and Gynecology PhD University of Tromso PhD candidates at different stages in Norway, South Africa, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Russia, focused on birth registry studies, obstetrics, and public health, Supervision of Master thesis annually since Selected publications last five years totally cited in Pubmed and registered in Cristin. Drivers of maternal accumulation of organohalogen pollutants in Arctic areas Chukotka, Russia and 4,4'-DDT effects on the newborns.

Environ Int. Patterns of detectable viraemia among children and adults with HIV infection taking antiretroviral therapy in Zimbabwe. Int J Infect Dis. High prevalence of echocardiographic abnormalities in older HIV-infected children taking antiretroviral therapy.

Effects of refresher training on the use of manual vacuum aspiration in the treatment of incomplete abortions: a quasi-experimental study in Malawi. BMJ Glob Health. High HIV and active tuberculosis prevalence and increased mortality risk in adults with symptoms of TB: a systematic review and meta-analyses. Sociodemographic characteristics, sexual behaviour and knowledge about cervical cancer prevention as risk factors for high-risk human papillomavirus infection in Arkhangelsk, North-West Russia.

International Journal of Circumpolar Health ; Volum 77 1. ISSN Ten book chapters in environmental and maternal health related issues since Ongoing studies: PI of the Breathe study, supported by Globvac. Ongoing clinical trial of azithromycin treatment of lung complications in HIV-positive children and adolescents in Malawi and Zimbabwe.

The first papers are published. Five PhD candidates finished using the MISA cohort, with focus on pregnancy outcome, persistent toxic substances, nutrition, and endocrine disruption. Coordinator of national studies in all Arctic countries. Birth registry studies in Arkhangelsk and Murmansk. Petersburg, and The Federal University of St. Petersburg, named after Mechnikov. Ongoing establishment of a federal screening program on cervical cancer in North-West Russia in collaboration with regional health authorities.

Recently three papers for dr. Arja Rautio, Vice-President of Research University of the Arctic, and Professor of Arctic Research in Thule Institute, University of Oulu, has been working in the field of circumpolar health and well-being, marginalization, research ethics and human-environment relationships since Dr Rautio has published around research papers. Yngvar Thomassen was born in Porsgrunn, Norway, on March 25, Thomassen's academic training cand real was obtained in the Department of Analytical Chemistry at the University of Oslo from where he graduated in He currently retired as a research director, Department of Chemical and Biological Work Environment, National Institute of Occupational Health in Oslo where he has spent 42 years of his professional life.

He is also appointed from as a professor in environmental chemistry, Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences outside Oslo. Since he has been the leading scientist in a Russian mega-project organized at Northern Arctic Federal University in Arkhangelsk focusing on the biological transfer of environmental pollutants into the food chain of the indigenous Artic population of Russia. Thomassen is the author or co-author of scientific publications, the majority focusing on atomic spectrometry and other spectrometric methods for the determination of essential and toxic elements.

His research focuses on clinical aspects of analytical chemistry and the application of atomic spectroscopy within the context of environmental and occupational health. She received the rank of civil engineer in biotechnology. She received her doctoral degree in biotechnology at the University of Oslo, Norway in Since to present, she has been professionally responsible for reference information on tick-borne encephalitis. As the Scientific Coordinator of the Virology Department, she is in charge of creating a national and international network for tick-borne diseases, strengthening international capacity in Poland and Nepal and supervising the training of graduate and undergraduate students.

Since to present, she has worked at the Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food and Environment under the Norwegian Food Safety Authority and Directorate for Nature Management as a member of the panel on risk assessment of genetically modified organisms. Since to present, she has been a committee member at the Norwegian Society of Tick-borne Diseases, as well as project manager for the Barents Region projects B, B and B on dealing with the establishment of a tick-borne disease surveillance network in the Barents Region and in the northern and western parts of Norway, funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services.

Galina Degteva was born in She graduated from the Arkhangelsk State Medical Institute in She has been working at the Department of Hygiene and Medical Ecology since January to present — first as an assistant, after defending her candidate dissertation in as associate professor, and after defending her doctoral dissertation in as professor. Galina Degteva, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor of the Department of Hygiene and Medical Ecology at the Northern State Medical University, is a highly qualified teacher and leading specialist in child and adolescent hygiene, as well as in Arctic medicine.

She is engaged in scientific research in medical and hygienic aspects of living of the shift workers involved in the oil and gas sector in the Arctic. Galina Degteva pays great attention to the health of the younger generation of northerners, as she develops and implements modern preventive technologies to preserve and promote the health of children and adolescents during their study at educational facilities. This invention has shown high efficiency in reducing the risk of posture disorders in schoolchildren.

Currently she is actively engaged in the issues of nutrition of children in educational facilities of the Russian Arctic.

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  • In , Galina Degteva was awarded the Amosov medal for the development of medical and preventive care in the Russian European North. In , she was awarded the Medal of the 2nd degree Order for Merit to the Fatherland for her achievements in healthcare and many years of earnest work. In , she was awarded the Order of Archangel Michael for her outstanding contribution to the development of circumpolar medicine. He was trained and acquired his professional experience in the fields of internal diseases, pulmonology and general and clinical laboratory immunology.

    Not By Bread Alone by Vladimir Dudintsev

    In he passed Ph. From to he received training in infectious immunology at Istituto Superiore di Sanita Rome, Italy. For the first time in Russia, under the supervision of A. Totolian, 12 specialized immune programs were developed and since put into practice of the Federal System for External Quality Assessment of Clinical Laboratory Tests. Under his direction 27 PhD theses and two doctorate theses were defended dealing with the strategy and methods of laboratory immune diagnosis; He is the author and a co-author of more than research papers and 13 patents. His main research activities are combined with teaching in PSPbGMU, here since , he has directed the curriculum of clinical immunology and since has headed the Department of Immunology.

    Totolian is an independent allergologist and immunologist at the Public Health Committee of the Government of St. Totolian is Editor in Chief of the Infection and Immunity journal, deputy editor-in-chief of the Medical Immunology journal, member of the editorial boards and editorial teams of Clinical laboratory diagnostics, Journal of Microbiology, Epidemiology and Immunobiology, HIV infection and immunosupressions, Molecular Medicine, Cytokines and Inflammation, Russian Journal of Immunology journals.

    "норма" English translation

    Totolian participated in the establishment of the Department of the Russian Association of Allergologists and Clinical Immunologists in St. Petersburg, initiated and organized the annual since All-Russia scientific forum with international participation Days of immunology in St. Totolian was officially registered in as a scientific school in the field of Medical Immunology and Clinical Laboratory Diagnosis, and included in the Register of the Leading Scientific and Pedagogical Schools of St. Totolian received the gold medal from the Russian Scientific Society for Immunology for phenomenal achievements in the field of immunology.

    Totolian became the academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He is married, has 2 children.

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    It is also a core Arctic economic project for Russia. Russian President Vladimir Putin has set a goal of increasing freight traffic from 20 million tonnes to 80 million tonnes in five years. Plans to develop the Northern Sea Route and support shipping envisage the creation of a port infrastructure and a fleet which includes icebreakers. These plans must be in sync with other plans to develop Arctic regions, centres of economic growth, and other forms of transport. Issues regarding navigational and hydrographic support, and ensuring shipping safety along the Northern Sea Route are also of key consideration.

    Meteorological, hydrological and ice-related services are being developed and implemented, and inroads are being made in a number of other areas. These include promising radio communications setups for rescue operations, pilotless aircraft to conduct monitoring and ice patrol operations, and GIS. What are the prospects for expanding the logistics potential of the Northern Sea Route?

    How can safe and year-round navigation along the Northern Sea Route be ensured? Schugorev Dmitry. Born in Moscow in At present time - a news anchor at Russia news channel. Began his carreer as a broadcast journalist at ORT Channel in In was a host anchor at Vesti FM radio station. Filmed several documentaries, analytical TV programmes, made dozens of interviews with top politicians, public, financial and cultural newsmakers.

    Took active part in producing and airing the annual TV show with Vladimir Putin in , and Was the author and host anchor of several projects at Russia concerning the parliamentary and presidential elections, major political and economic events. Also works as a TV reporter and commentator. Fluent in English and German. Born March 1, in Maloyaroslavets, Kaluzhskaya oblast. Graduated history department of Kaluiga State Pedagogical University.

    Worked two years as a history teacher. Served in the military. May 22, appointed deputy chief of staff of the Government of the Russian Federation. May 24, appointed first deputy chief of staff of the Government of the Russian Federation. Married, has two sons. Alexander Drozdenko Governor of Leningrad Region. Born on November 1, in the Dzhambul Region, Kazakhstan, Alexander Drozdenko graduated from Leningrad Agriculture Institute in with a degree in the economics and organization of agriculture.

    He obtained a PhD in Economics in Between and , he worked in various positions in the Kingisepp District of the Leningrad Region. He was inaugurated on May 28, At the pre-term gubernatorial elections in Leningrad Oblast that took place on 13 September Alexander Drozdenko received the majority of votes.

    On 30 September Alexander Drozdenko took office as the Governor. He assumed office in October Likhachev worked in the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, where he held a wide variety of leadership positions. He joined the ministry in He worked as an advisor to the Minister of Economic Development until , in he was appointed Deputy Minister, and in February he was promoted to the position of First Deputy Minister of Economic Development.

    Throughout his career, Mr. Likhachev held senior positions in other governmental bodies and public organizations as well. Likhachev graduated from Gorky State University and started his career as an engineer in the Gorky Research Institute of Instrumentation In Mr Frank graduated with honours from the Admiral G.

    In he defended his PhD dissertation in technical sciences. I Nevelskoy Maritime State University. Member of the supervisory board of the Russian Geographic Society. Igor Orlov Governor of Arkhangelsk Region. In , he graduated from the Leningrad Institute of Aviation Instrumentation, specialising in Electric Equipment for Aircrafts, and gained a qualification as an Electrical Engineer. After graduating, he was appointed as an Electrician to repair the electrical equipment at the Mechanical Engineering Enterprise Zvezdochka in Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk Region. After working from to for scientific-research design and technology bureau Onega in Severodvinsk of the Arkhangelsk Region, Igor came back to Zvezdochka as Deputy General Manager.

    In , he left Severodvinsk but continued his career in the same capacity at the Yantar Pribaltiysky Shipbuilding Works in Kaliningrad. Soon after that, he was appointed Managing Director of this enterprise. In January , Mr. Orlov became Governor of the Arkhangelsk Region. Bakhirev Additional information State councillor of the Russian Federation of 3 classes. Born 07 July in Veliky Novgorod. Rose in the ranks from the fourth to the second mate on the ships of the Baltic Shipping Company and the Unicom Company Cyprus.

    Born 19 March , in Cheboksary, Chuvash Republic. Hydrocarbon prospecting and production is an area of strategic importance for the commercial development of the Arctic, given the huge potential of the basins of the continental shelf. The development of offshore fields in the Arctic requires new technology and equipment, as well as geological prospecting work. All this translates to a significant investment of time and money. It therefore depends on close collaboration between extraction companies in Russia and international partners.

    The situation is complicated by the fact that various companies are in need of essentially unique technological solutions. What barriers are hindering the development of the shelf, and how feasible is it to remove them? What incentives could be put in place for the private sector to become more involved in geological prospecting work on the shelf? Peter has been a frequent speaker at energy industry conferences for the last decade. He is currently the Chief Energy Analyst at Interfax Global Energy Services, and managing editor of the monthly Gas Analytica, a new publication that provides expert insight into Gas markets fundamentals and short- and medium-term price forecasts.

    He is also involved in econometric research at Surrey University on the subject of oil and gas pricing benchmarks, building on his 20 years of experience with the Price Reporting Agency PRA Platts. He worked at Platts in a number of different roles, including Director of Markets and Pricing, in which role he was responsible for Platts global assessment processes for all commodities.

    Peter is a frequent speaker at oil and energy industry conferences on all aspects of the oil and gas value chain, as well as emerging markets such as bio-fuels. He has also contributed to discussion on radio and TV programs on energy issues, and provided training on energy pricing to government departments, academic institutions and many large companies. His specialisms include: oil and gas supply-demand fundamentals and trade; oil refining; oil and gas pricing; new fuels technology; technical and econometric analysis of markets; and the role and practices of the PRAs.

    In , he obtained his candidate degree in Law. In , he joined Zarubezhneft JSC as Deputy Head of Division with the responsibility of supervising subsoil use, economic and financial affairs. During his service with the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, he was in charge of economic and financial affairs, geology and subsoil use. His outstanding service was recognized with awards at different levels.

    In recent times, the Arctic has invariably been a core topic of discussion.

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    • Ethnomethodologie - Theorie und Empirie (German Edition).
    • It is therefore unsurprising that the interests of numerous countries — both in the Arctic and beyond — are tied to the region. Security is another major factor. All Arctic nations have some form of military programme, as do other powers interested in expanding to the North. Topics for discussion at this session will include regional approaches taken by Arctic Council nations, opportunities to collaborate on lowering underlying tensions and confrontational rhetoric, and focusing on a positive agenda. Particular attention will be given to cross-border and interregional cooperation in the economic and humanitarian fields.

      Moderator Sophie Shevardnadze Journalist, Anchor. She moderates various panels and public talks, all around the world, on various topics from politics to charity. Some of the venues include United Nation, the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, Eurasian Forum. Sophie has been a speaker at Harvard and Yale on matters of media and foreign relations. She often conducts lectures, seminars and master classes on Journalism and Media.

      Sophie was born in a political family, as a granddaughter of the last foreign minister of the Soviet Union and later president of Georgia, Edward Shevardnadze. He was born in , graduated from the Northwest College of Light Industry and launched his career in March Born in , Russian.

      Has command of English, French and Sinhalese. Started his career in at the Soviet Embassy in Sri Lanka. Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation since Decorated with government awards. Married, with one daughter. She was Minister of Defence from to Before that, she served as member of the Storting Norwegian parliament for 12 years.

      From to , she was Chair of the Young Conservatives. She was a member of the Conservative Party Executive Committee from to In he graduated from the S. In he was awarded with the title of Hero of the Soviet Union for rescuing the Mikhail Somov ship that was stuck in ice. In he led a research expedition on-board the Sibir nuclear-powered icebreaker. In he led the Airborne Expedition to the Antarctic. In he initiated the establishment of the North Pole 32 drift ice-based research station. In he was elected a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

      He is a deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation of the 1st—5th convocations. Since Member of the Board of Directors, Rosneft. The Arctic is becoming increasingly significant. While this creates challenges, it also provides new opportunities. Se-curity and sustainable development in the Arctic are vital.

      Arctic nations are particularly responsible for collaborating on enduring solutions. Black carbon emissions are a major contributing factor to warming in the Arctic. Technologies which can effectively reduce emissions already exist, and they not only offer health and environmental benefits, but economic ones too.

      Wind Rose (Роза Ветров) (Apartment), Volgograd (Russia) Deals

      What steps need to be taken in the Arctic to respond to current challenges? What examples of clean energy exist in the region? What needs to be done to facilitate the transition to cleaner fuel, particularly liquefied natural gas in Arctic shipping? NDEP is a multi-donor fund with pooled resources of over EUR million which are used as grants to support nuclear safety and environmental investments in the north-west of Russia including the Arctic region.

      Prior to this, he worked as a political adviser to the Minister of Fisheries from December As State Secretary, he is dedicated to aquaculture, bio-economy and research. Angelvik became a certified chef in and worked as a chef until He was editor of a cookbook on local Norwegian cuisine that was published in He has been self-employed and has run a catering and canteen operation for nearly ten years.

      Tero Vauraste, 51, is the owner and Managing Director of Mariadi ltd. He has served as President and CEO of Arctia , a Finnish polar maritime services company in icebreaking, research and oil spill response operating 11 icebreakers in the Baltic Sea and the Arctic. He is Chairman of the Arctic Economic Council. He is also chairing the Maritime sub-committee of the Finland-China innovation Committee.

      He has various other positions of trust. He has provided many papers in terms of Arctic economic development and is a known speaker in the international Arctic fora. Born on July 7 in Astrakhan to the family of engineers-geophysicists. Started work activity in Shelf geophysical group in Gelendzhik. Starting in , led the development of the Khancheiskoye field and managed oil and gas exploration there. May Appointed General Director of Khancheineftegaz.

      The region reaches stable social and economic development in all areas and becomes of the top 5 regional leaders in the Russian Federation. She also served as the number two at the EU Delegations in New York and Geneva, providing her with extensive experience on multilateral issues. She has been an EU official since She is Belgian and speaks 5 languages.

      Born in in Arkhangelsk. He graduated from the M. Candidate of Philosophical Sciences. He participated in and coordinated numerous international projects. Speaks Norwegian and English. Since , holds the position of the representative of the Governor of the Arkhangelsk Region on the Arctic development. He coordinates regional Arctic policy, contributes to the work of government agencies for the development of the Arctic.

      He is fully engaged in the development and implementation of Arctic projects and events in the Arkhangelsk Region. She is the highest-ranking public servant within the Ministry. Previously, she has served as governor of the Province of Lapland and the minister of justice. From to , Ms Pokka was a Member of Parliament. She has special interest and expertise in Arctic issues and has held the position, for example, of chair of the Barents Regional Council and the Northern Forum.

      Educational Background: Hannele Pokka holds a doctoral degree in environmental law. She is an honorary doctor of environment and forestry at the University of Eastern Finland previously, University of Joensuu. Magnus Rystedt, M. Rystedt has worked for NEFCO since and has extensive experience in project financing within the environmental field. Rystedt served in St. NEFCO is an international financial institution IFI established in by the five Nordic countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden with the specific purpose to promote environmental investments and sustainable development.

      Over the years, NEFCO has financed more than small and medium-sized, private and public projects across different sectors in 60 countries, with a strong focus on Eastern Europe, the Baltic Sea, and the Arctic and Barents Regions. NEFCO has an extensive network within the green community and a proven ability to connect stakeholders and different financiers to relevant projects. As a result, NEFCO has managed to attract a considerable number of bilateral and multilateral fund management assignments.

      Henttonen has been giving presentations at seminars, conferences, workshops and other fora on environmental investments since both at national and international occasions. He has also served as expert in developing legislation nationally and in the EU and serves as Expert Councilor for the Supreme Administrative Court of Finland.

      He has edited three special issues on environmental policy studies and is the co-editor of a book on adapting to climate change in Europe. Ambassador of Mexico to Germany since and from to , Ms. Espinosa was Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mexico from to , bringing more than 30 years of experience at highest levels in international relations, specialized in climate change, global governance, sustainable development, gender equality and protection of human rights.

      Espinosa has been engaged as leader in the global challenge to address climate change and its consequences, notably as Chair of the 16th Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC leading to the adoption of the Cancun Agreements. In the house three floors: Services for an additional payment food: washing and ironing of linen, service of the driver trips to the city, to mountains, excursions. In our house fresh high quality bed linen, towels in unlimited number, shower gels. In the morning in time convenient to you you receive a freshly cooked breakfast any semi-finished products!

      In the evening you will be waited by a dinner with a glass of wine. We cook a shish kebab on firewood - you will be able to sit at a fire. Rosa Khutor and House which waits for you in Sochi. Explore nearby. Sochi 23 km away. Kabardinka km away. NIAT km away. Republic of Karelia km away. Zvizzhi km away. Khamyshki 75 km away.