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Our link to the article was correct as of If the link does not work for you, try searching at Microsoft. Applies to: All products, release 5. During a silent install of Palisade software release 5. The PalFlex5. The silent install works on some PCs but not others, because some PCs already have that component installed. Note: The version of this exe is 6. My install will not finish. I get this message:.

Conversor Online de PDF - Mescle PDF e desbloqueie PDF

The software is currently installed as a fully functional trial. When you run the software, a screen will appear to guide you through the activation process. How can I get past this and finish the install? The message unfortunately does not give you the key piece of information, which is that this affects just the license, not the actual software install.

Maybe your firewall prevents the installer from talking to Palisade's license server, maybe the Activation ID is already activated, or maybe it's something else. There's no retry at this stage, but you can activate the software later. For now, click the OK button to let the install finish.

Assuming there are no other error messages, the software will be installed as a day trial. After the installation finishes, your next steps depend on whether the Activation ID is already activated, and where. If your Activation ID is already activated on another computer, please follow the directions in Transferring Standalone Software 6.

Applies to: All products, during install on Windows If your software was previously installed and running, see "This app can't run on your PC" at run time. I'm trying to install Palisade software, but I get this pop-up from Windows To find a version for your PC, check with the software publisher. All our software versions 6. This is a false message produced by erroneous code in Windows 10 or an update to Windows Restart the install, and it should succeed, assuming you have administrative rights on your computer.

After the install, you may or may not want to continue with SmartScreen disabled. Some would say it's a bit drastic because it will also inhibit legitimate warnings. Whether this is suitable for you depends on your browsing and downloading habits, and how you use your computer. If you want to re-enable SmartScreen, follow the same menu path and then select either Warn before running or Get administrator approval.

I'm trying to download and install your software, but the installer puts up this message and refuses to run:. This installation package could not be opened. Verify that the package exists and that you can access it, or contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer package. Either the service is disabled blocked from running , or one or more of its files are corrupted. If you're unable to complete the instructions there, you may need to have your IT department run the procedure for you or unblock the Windows Installer Service.

If you have successfully repaired the Windows Installer Service and still have a problem with the install, please contact Palisade Technical Support. Applies to: All Palisade software, release 6. When I try to install a network client, course workstation version, or textbook version, I get this error message:. This installer requires a certificate license. This file tells the installer how to find your server that holds the license information. You must have that file in the same folder as the installer during installation.

What is wrong? To launch the software: Either double-click the desktop icon if you selected desktop icons during install , or click the Start Button and select the Palisade DecisionTools program group. If Excel is already running, the software will attach to the running copy; otherwise the software will launch Excel for you. If Excel is already running and the software doesn't attach to it, look up the error message in this Knowledge Base or if appropriate see Nothing Happens When I Launch the Software. That article lists some specific add-ins; please don't make any other Palisade add-ins active.

Also, please don't manually add any toolbars. That is not necessary to make the software run, and it may actually cause the software to malfunction. Then you always have the software handy, without drilling down into the Start menu or moving windows that are covering a desktop icon. But shouldn't it be in Excel's add-ins list? Our software may appear in Excel's list of inactive add-ins. This is normal, not a sign of trouble. It doesn't need to be in Excel's list of active add-ins unless you want it to launch with Excel every time, as mentioned above.

A message "initializing Microsoft Excel" appears briefly, but that's all. If there are multiple copies of Excel open, Windows won't necessarily choose the one you expect, even if one copy is open and visible on the desktop. Check the taskbar carefully for copies of Excel, and bring each one in turn to the foreground. Chances are that RISK just attached to a different copy of Excel from the one you expected, because that's the copy that Windows told it about. It's also possible for Excel to be running in background, meaning without any indication in the taskbar.

Look at the Processes or Details tab to see all running processes, including those that don't have a window. Click the Image Name column head to sort the processes by name. If you have one or more copies of Excel that don't have a visible window, click each one and then click End Task or End Process. If Excel crashes while an add-in from Palisade or another third-party vendor is loaded, Excel may disable that add-in.

There are three lists: active add-ins, inactive add-ins, and disabled add-ins. To re-enable disabled add-ins, look for the Manage: Excel Add-Ins box at the bottom of the list of add-ins. Click the drop-down arrow to change that to Disabled Add-Ins, and click Go. Select the add-ins to re-enable, and click the Enable button. There is no need to add Palisade add-ins to Excel's active add-ins list; it's enough that they are not disabled.

If you have no invisible copies of Excel, your antivirus software may have blocked a Palisade component based on a false positive. Check your antivirus logs, and unblock the software component. Please report the exact name of the blocked file, and the full name of your antivirus program, to Palisade Technical Support , so that we can contact them to get the false positive corrected.

A few IT departments may unintentionally set Windows group policies that interfere with running Palisade software. The other tools in the Suite load and run normally. The customer who reported this problem had the DecisionTools Suite 7. Most likely the same would happen with some other releases of the software, but we don't know which ones. This is an unusual problem, and we've had only one case of this specific issue so far.

The customer actually found the solution, after we and they spent considerable time troubleshooting. We're recording it here to save time for others with a similar security suite. The solution was to capture the software fingerprints of those three add-ins from ePo and add them to the whitelist exemptions list. Applies to: All Palisade products running as add-ins to Excel or newer. Palisade software is not behaving correctly, and I think the problem may be a conflict with something else loaded in Excel. Do you have any kind of checklist for diagnosis?

Remove the check mark from the last entry, "Show the Start screen when this application starts". Close Excel and reopen the Palisade software. One class of add-ins conflicts with some Palisade add-ins only when the Excel Start screen is enabled. If that solves your issue, you can skip the rest of this article. There are four potential sources of conflict: Excel add-ins, COM add-ins two groups in separate lists , and your own automatic startup files.

When there's a startup conflict, turn off all the possible sources at once, then turn them back on again one at a time. The Excel settings for this are scattered in several places in Excel and even in the System Registry. We have tried to provide a step-by-step procedure to cover all the cases:. Excel and later: click the File tab in the ribbon and then Options.

Excel click the round Office button, then Excel Options. Remove the check marks from all third-party add-ins. If you have any Palisade add-ins checked ticked , remove the check marks. Our add-ins are designed to run without the check marks, except as explained in Opening Palisade Software Automatically Whenever Excel Opens. Get back to Options and click Add-Ins again. Caution : Some COM add-ins add themselves back if you disable them, either right away or the next time you open Excel.

The next time you reopen Excel, verify that your COM add-ins have not re-enabled themselves. Get back to Options again and click Advanced, then scroll down to the General section. Look at the box labeled "At startup, open all files in". If there is anything in the box, make a note of it, temporarily clear the box, and click OK. You will put that setting back later, in step 6.

There will probably be more than one folder with that name. You will put them back later, in step 7. Now, run the Palisade software that was having a problem. If it now behaves correctly, then a startup conflict was responsible for the problem. But if the problem still occurs, please go to step 8. If Palisade software is now running okay, you can determine which item s provided the conflicts. Restore the setting of "At startup, open all files in", close Excel, and reopen our software. If the problem returns, you will have to eliminate items from that folder one by one, closing Excel and reopening our software each time, till the problem no longer occurs.

Repeat, closing Excel each time, till you've eliminated every conflict and added back every safe item. Some third-party COM add-ins don't appear in Excel's list, so you can't disable them there but must do it in the System Registry. If it exists, right-click Addins and export it as a. REG file so that you can restore the settings later. Then expand Addins and click on each subentry in turn, but not the "BigPicture Support Add-in" , which comes from Palisade. For each subentry, look at LoadBehavior in the right-hand panel and if it is 3 change it to 0.

You might not actually have a startup conflict, but rather an outdated or unstable version of Excel. It's very important to make sure you have the latest Service Pack installed. Office only: We have found that a repair install not a reinstall of Office cures many problems, even right after you have installed an Office service pack.

The procedure for the repair install is explained in Repair of Excel or Project. You will probably need administrative rights for this. If your IT department does this for you, they must log in as you with administrative rights, because this procedure must be performed within your user profile. Under Office, navigate to For safety, make a backup copy of this entry, by right-clicking Options and selecting Export.

Chose any file name and location, but keep the file type as. Answer Yes to the confirming prompt. Right-click Addins, select Export, and pick a file name and location. Then, right-click the Addins key and select Delete. Excel should now start without add-ins. You can restore the previous values of those keys by double-clicking the. REG files that you saved. Additional keywords: start up conflicts, conflicts at start up, conflicts at startup. Problem: If you get an error message or a series of error messages when starting the software, you may have a conflict with one of your add-ins or startup files.

Some possible messages include "Palgraph5 server error" or a runtime error with a long number. Solution: First try searching for the particular message in the Knowledge Books , but if you don't find it then you may be able to diagnose any conflicts by starting Excel in Safe Mode. You do not need to restart your computer. Continue holding the Ctrl key down.

When the prompt appears asking whether you want to start Excel in Safe Mode, release the Ctrl key and answer Yes. If the above doesn't open Excel in Safe Mode, please see Microsoft's Knowledge Base article How to troubleshoot startup problems in Excel accessed and scroll down to "Let me start it myself". Click the Windows Start button, then Programs or All Programs, then Palisade DecisionTools, then the shortcut for the Palisade software tool you are having trouble with.

If the Palisade software now functions correctly, there was a conflict with another add-in or one of your own startup files. These can be specified in several places, so find them all and then eliminate them one by one till you find the conflict:. Uncheck all third-party add-ins. Then try loading and running the Palisade software. There will probably be more than one. Then start the Palisade software and try to run it. If the box contains a path, open My Computer and navigate to the path. Close Excel, then move all items from that folder to another location.

Try to run the Palisade software. Why is this happening, and how can I prevent it? Response: ds. When you launch our software and Excel is already open, our software will attach itself to the running copy of Excel. If Excel is not already running, our software will launch it for you. However, if you enable one or more of the Palisade add-ins in Excel's add-ins list, then Excel will load that add-in automatically whenever Excel itself loads. To restore the ability to launch Excel without Palisade, remove the check mark from the list in Excel. I made some changes in Application Settings, and clicked OK.

Everything was fine until I closed Excel and reopened my Palisade software. Then I saw that the Application Settings had all reverted to their previous values, and my changes were lost. Somehow, you have write access to the keys where Application Settings are stored, but you don't have read access. You may have privilege to fix this, or you may need to call in your IT department. Here is the procedure:. Right-click on Palisade and select Permissions. In the Permissions dialog, click the Advanced button. In the Advanced Security Settings dialog, click your user name your Windows login , then click the Edit or View button.

In the Permission Entry dialog, you should have Full Control. If you do, click Close and go to the next numbered step. Back on the Advanced Security Settings dialog, tick the box Replace all child object permission entries with inheritable permission entries from this object , click Apply , and answer Yes to the confirmation prompt. If you get any kind of failure message, you will need to take ownership of the problem subkey s. If you're not sure how to do that, do a Web search for "take ownership of registry key". Applies to: All Palisade software, version 6.

I upgraded from version 5. You have the old version listed as an active add-in in Excel.


The cure is simply to remove it from Excel's list. Use the instructions below, based on your version of Excel. There is no need to have any Palisade add-ins checked ticked in Excel's add-ins list; they will all run just fine without that. You would place a check mark in Excel's list for a Palisade add-in only if you want to force that Palisade add-in to start every time Excel starts.

Applies to: All Palisade software, releases 6. But I know that my company renewed our maintenance. How can I run the software?

Websites unavailable ou redirects

When you renew maintenance, we update information on our server with the new maintenance date. However, the Palisade software on your computer caches the maintenance expiration date so that it doesn't need to go out on the Internet every time you run. Usually the software knows when it is necessary to re-query our server, but if you're not on the Internet or your firewall prevents access to our server then the cache may need to be reset manually.

Please contact Technical Support with a screen shot of License Manager, and they will help you reset the cache so that the software knows your correct maintenance date. Additional keywords: Wrong maintenance expiration date. I activated a standalone license on a computer, and it works fine for me, but when another user tries to run on the same computer she still gets the trial license.

The user will need to select the activated license. If you want to do it for her, you must log in on her Windows account. Here's the procedure to follow under that user's login:. For more information about how the software decides which license to use, please see Which License Gets Used? Applies to: Concurrent Network clients, releases 6. When I launch the software, the Excel status line seems stuck at "Authorizing What is taking so long? Have you redirected any of the Windows special folders to network drives?

If you have redirected any of those to a network drive, try making it local and see if that solves the problem. If you have any UNC paths in those keys, try replacing them with mapped network drives. Applies to: All 5. I installed the 5. Releases 5. This is fixed in releases 6. If you have a current maintenance contract, you can upgrade your network at no charge; just contact your Palisade sales office.

But of course you want to solve the individual user's problem right away, even if you intend to upgrade later. There are several possible causes, but the most likely is incorrect installation. Here are the things to check:. Was the software installed on this workstation as a network client, and not a standalone trial? During installation, the Client. The network information is in that Client. To install the client software, use Network Neighborhood or similar to point to the ClientInstaller folder on the server, then right-click the installer there and select Run As Administrator.

If you prefer, you can copy both files to a network share, USB stick, or the client's desktop and do the install that way. The key requirement is that the Client. Otherwise, the installer will appear to succeed but it will not know that you have a network copy and will install a trial standalone copy. To fix this particular client's installation, please see Changing a 5. To avoid this problem for future client installs, use the ClientInstaller folder as described above.

On the server, look at your license file. It is in the same folder as Palisade. If no port number is specified, the server dynamically selects a port in the rage to The port number precedes the sign and server name. If no port number precedes the sign, the client dynamically negotiates a port number to with the server. There are some unusual exceptions, where network administrators use fully qualified domain names or IP addresses. These must be carefully tested.

If the license file on the server specifies a port number, the System Registry key on the client must specify the same port number. If the license file on the server does not specify a port number, the System Registry key on the client must not specify a port number.

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For more information, please see "Edit the Client. Verify that the client can communicate with the server using the server name and port number specified in the System Registry key. If no port number is specified, all ports in the range through must be open. You can test whether a given port is open by using Telnet. This requires a Telnet client on the client computer and a Telnet server on the server. These are part of Windows, but they might not be turned on. The command format is.

You should get a blank screen if the port is open. If it's not, you should get an error message within about 60 seconds. Also verify that the firewall on the client is allowing PalFlexServer5. If you do not see "Palisade UP within the display", the process is not running. Troubleshooting help is at Network Server Issues.

If all licenses are currently in use, 5. Please see Monitoring License Use on 5. The macro may not be available in this workbook or all macros may be disabled. Our initial Risk. There is a policy setting called "Automation Security". The normal value of this is 1. But if it is set to 3, then Excel will not allow add-ins to load other add-ins. If the value displayed is 1, this setting is not the problem. Please contact Technical Support for assistance. If the value displayed is 3, this is why RISK cannot run.

Please see " RISK cannot be started because of the following Office security setting" for permanent and temporary solutions. Applies to: All products, running under Excel or later This article is written in terms of RISK, but the same problem could happen with any of our add-ins. Instead, an Add-Ins tab appears, but there are no icons in it. Please perform a Repair of Excel. Follow these steps to install it:. Applies to: All products, running under Excel or newer This article is written in terms of RISK, but the same problem could happen with any of our add-ins.

If one of these more accurately describes your situation, please refer to that article instead of this one:. If you don't actually need bit Office, and everything else has failed, you might wish to try this option also. We can't guarantee that this "nuclear option" will work for you, but we're not aware of anyone who has tried the other suggestions without success, then switched to bit Office, and not had it solve the problem.

If you decide to go this route, then before you uninstall bit Office make sure you have your product key and that it will cover bit Office also. Most product keys cover both, but we can't help with issues installing or licensing Microsoft software, so check this yourself.

Applies to: RISK 6. I have NumLock on, and I'm using Excel or This is actually caused by a bug in Excel. We worked around it beginning with release 7. If you have current maintenance, your best solution is to upgrade to the current release. Ask Technical Support for an installer. Include your serial number or Activation ID in your message.

If you have RISK 6. Your Palisade sales office can assist you. If you have 7. Click OK and close Excel. Summary: A particular key in the Excel Options section of the Windows system registry sometimes grows very long. Excel gets confused, and when you try to run Palisade software you get mysterious run-time error messages.

Deleting this key may cure the problem and let Excel interface successfully with Palisade software and other add-ins. Applies to: All products, release 7. I launch my Palisade software, and I get one of these messages:. RISK requires Excel or higher. BigPicture requires Excel or higher. Evolver requires Excel or higher. NeuralTools requires Excel or higher. PrecisionTree requires Excel or higher. StatTools requires Excel or higher.

TopRank requires Excel or higher. Beginning with release 7. If you're actually running Excel or earlier, you need to upgrade to a more recent Excel. But I actually do have a later version of Excel! If so, right-click Excel Path and select Delete. Then, when you next run our software, it should connect automatically to your recent Excel.

If that System Registry key doesn't exist, creating it may solve the problem. You may be getting a security prompt when Palisade software tries to load itself into Excel. This can occur, for example, when you had two versions of Excel installed, and you uninstalled the one that was previously used with Palisade software. To give you a chance to respond to that prompt, follow this procedure:. Do you open Excel via some sort of redirection software, such as OpenWith?

The System Registry key you create must point to the real Excel, not the redirector, and Excel must be installed locally on this computer. If the problem remains after following the bullets above, run a repair of Microsoft Office and restart Windows. Check the spelling of the file name, and verify that the file location is correct. If you are trying to open the file from your list of most recently used files, make sure that the file has not been renamed, moved, or deleted. Unfortunately, there was a problem in RISK 6.

When simulating with multiple CPUs, it may sometimes corrupt Excel's list of add-ins. Then the next time you open Excel, you get messages like the above. Palisade apologizes for this problem. This error was fixed in RISK 6. You will want to upgrade to the current release, if you are eligible. At the bottom of the right-hand panel, select Excel Add-Ins and click Go. Remove the check mark from RISK, if there is one. If you have any third-party add-ins checked, you do not need to remove those check marks. Click OK. You may see a message telling you that an add-in cannot be located and asking permission to remove it from the list; click Yes.

Many people have some Excel add-ins checked although they don't actually use them. If you don't need Analysis Toolpak or the other Excel add-ins, you can ignore the rest of this article. But if you need one or more of Excel's own add-ins, before you re-enable them you should upgrade to the current release if you are eligible to upgrade. Otherwise, to prevent a recurrence in RISK 6. Close Excel. Double-click the subkey for your version of Office: You need to double-click the word in the first column, not the text in the third column. This article is written in terms of RISK, but the same problem could happen with any of our add-ins.

The software installed just fine, but when I launch it I get. This policy setting called "Automation Security" determines whether an add-in is allowed to add helper add-ins. The normal value of the "Automation Security" setting, as recommended by Microsoft, is 1. But if it is set to 3, then Excel will not allow add-ins to load other add-ins, and RISK fails with the message above.

This setting was always a problem, but beginning with release 7. The solution depends on whether you're dealing with a Group Policy setting or a direct edit to the System Registry:. Run Regedit, if your Windows login has permission. Under each one, delete AutomationSecurity or change its value to 1. If you can't make that change, or if it doesn't stick when you restart Windows, talk to your IT department and get them to make the change for you. Follow this procedure:. Notice that there is no question mark at the start of this command, as you would use to display values.

Close the Visual Basic Editor but keep Excel open. X is 12 in Excel , 14 in Excel , 15 in Excel , and so on. Please ask your IT department to remove that policy setting. As a temporary workaround, you can follow this procedure if you have privilege to edit the System Registry. Even if you're able to do this edit, you will probably have to do it again after any reboot of Windows. The best procedure is to get your IT department to remove the problem policy setting.

For run-time error in RISK 4. Please log on to Windows as a full administrator. Then re-run the installer and when prompted for Modify or Repair select Repair. In Windows 8, Windows 7, and Vista, you need to log on as a full administrator and also right-click the installer and select Run as administrator. Download that installer to your desktop, then right-click it and select Run as administrator. If you're prompted for Modify or Repair, select Repair.

If you see a Customer Information screen during install, change "day trial" to "I am upgrading or reinstalling". Have your textbook handy, to answer the challenge question. You'll get the 7. Applies to: NeuralTools 5. ActiveX component can't create object. If you get this error the first time you run the Palisade software, make sure it's supported in your Excel and Windows versions. We have seen some cases where this error appears after Windows 10 updates, particularly the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. If your software was previously working in Windows 10, a repair install will fix the problem.

Applies to: Palisade software releases 6. When I try to run the software, I get this error message:. This error from the FLEXnet licensing system seems to occur rarely, but for no very clear reason. First advice: simply close all instances of Excel and try running the software again. Usually the error does not repeat, which is one reason it's so difficult to pin down. If the error does repeat, run the software with administrative rights. This resolved it for both users who reported this experience. If running as administrator succeeds, you may want to try running as a regular user after that.

Our end-user software does not normally require administrative rights to run; a Windows "regular user" account should be fine. But privileges and access control are more complex in every new version of Windows, and it's possible to create an account that shows as regular user in Control Panel even though it does not have the normal permissions of a regular user. In that case, running as administrator may be a quicker solution than trying to untangle the details of the permissions. Response: Check in the root folder of your C: drive for a zero-byte file called Program.

You may need to change Explorer options so that you can view hidden files and folders. If you find that file, delete it. If the file doesn't exist, or if deleting it doesn't cure the problem, you may have a problem with the path of a service in Windows.

Applies to: RISK 7. Automation error A dynamic link library DLL initialization routine failed. It looks like the cause is Bitdefender Total Security. If you turn off Advanced Threat Defense, it will let our software run as normal. You should be able to turn Advanced Threat Defense back on if you look at the Bitdefender log, find which Palisade file s it didn't like, and whitelist those specific files. Applies to: Evolver 6. Problem: I have bit Excel. When trying to launch one of these tools, I get the above error message. Response: This is caused by the Skype toolbar.

Automation error Interface not registered. This is actually a problem in your Microsoft Office. Repairing Office should work, or you can reinstall Office. When I try to launch the Palisade software, I get the error message. Automation error: Library not registered. I've tried repairing the Palisade software , but that didn't help. This appears to be due to an error in the System Registry entries for Excel, not Palisade. If you have Excel and you have the option to upgrade to , several users reported that upgrading fixed their problem.

This error is especially likely if you have multiple versions of Excel and uninstall one of them. In that case, one or more keys in the System Registry are left behind pointing to the version of Excel that no longer exists. To remove these "orphan" keys, please follow the procedure in Removing Outdated References to Office from the System Registry.

There's a special case, as of When you install Skype for Business , it installs this System Registry key:. If your Palisade software was working, and it stops working when you install Skype for Business , and you don't have Office installed, remove that key. Automation error The callee server [not server application] is not available and disappeared; all connections are invalid.

The call may have executed. Response: This may arise from incompatibility with a third-party add-in. The only one that we know of at this writing is Morningstar Commodity Add-In 3. It is not necessary to uninstall the add-in, but you will need to disable it while running RISK. If you recently installed some other third-party add-in and this message began appearing with RISK, try disabling that add-in and see if RISK now runs successfully.

If it does, please contact Technical Support so that we may update this article. When I launch the software, I get a popup with this message:. Automation error: The remote procedure call failed. Our software can run in a regular user account, but it must be installed with full administrative rights. If that was not done, then right-click the installer and select Run as administrator.

You will probably get a prompt asking you whether to modify, repair, or remove; select Repair. If you have release 7. Please see the article Data Execution Prevention. Work through section A, and also if necessary work through section B. See item 2 in Microsoft Components Required for Palisade 7. Response: You have a standalone workstation copy of the software.

Standalone copies are designed to be operated while you are physically present at the computer. By design, it is not possible to remote in and run a standalone copy of the software. If you wish to use Palisade software with Terminal Services, Remote Desktop, or other forms of remote access, please contact your Palisade sales representative to convert your standalone license to a concurrent network license.

ClassFactory cannot supply requested class. Applies to: TopRank 5. When I try to run TopRank I get this error message:. Run-time error ' ' Automation error ClassFactory cannot supply requested class. The installer program failed to register the TopRankModel. Please follow these instructions:. Right-click it and select Run As Administrator. Ask your IT people to perform this procedure if you don't have that option.

Applies to: All Palisade products that run as Excel add-ins. When I start one of your products, I get "compile error in hidden module". If you have a beta version of Google Desktop, this is a known issue. To fix the problem, simply download and install a later version of Google Desktop.

If you have an early version of Excel XP, this is a known issue. Please download and install the service pack for Excel XP from Microsoft's site. Most likely this is a conflict with another add-in or with one of your own startup files. Please see the appropriate article for your version of Excel:. If you have ruled out startup conflicts, it's possible that an Excel or RISK file has become corrupted. Applies to: All Palisade add-ins for Excel. Could not attach to the already running copy of Microsoft Excel because it is invisible or unresponsive.

Here are the two causes and cures. Most likely, there is an instance of Excel running in the background that needs to be stopped. To do this:. If this is an ongoing problem, you should investigate what is spawning these background processes of Excel. For example, some releases of certain third-party Excel add-ins create background processes of Excel and do not terminate them properly. This can happen when another Excel add-in or startup file takes too long to start, so that RISK eventually gives up waiting for a response from Excel. You can fix this in any of three ways:.

Solution 1: Disable the other startups, them add them back one at a time to determine which one is the problem. Solution 3: Start Excel yourself. This has the disadvantage that you have to do it every time, but it doesn't require you to reconfigure Excel as Solutions 1 and 2 do. Could not contact the Microsoft Excel application.

Applies to: The DecisionTools Suite 4. I purchased a textbook and installed the software. But when I try to launch it, I get this error message:. Your textbook software is release 4. We have released quite a few versions since then, and you need the current release.

Uninstall the 4. Visit our textbook software page and enter your book's digit ISBN. If your book is supported, you will be guided to download and install the current software. If your book is not supported, and you've carefully verified the ISBN, please send a note to our Academic Sales Manager and explain the situation. Please include the following:. Applies to: Palisade add-ins for Excel, all releases. When I try to launch one of the Palisade tools I get this error message:.

Could not launch the Excel executable. If your maintenance contract is current, make sure that you have applied the latest updates for the Palisade products in which this error is occurring. After applying the update, re-test the problem. If the problem persists, you can force the Palisade product to launch Excel by specifying the path to the Excel.

When I try to launch my software, I get the message. DLL" Textbook Software. If you upgraded commercial software from 4. You previously had a 4. Since the actual add-in file no longer exists on your computer, you get this error. The solution is to remove the add-in from the list, as follows:. Delete from list? I installed the software from the CD without a problem. But when I try to launch my software, I get the message. Any other copy of our software on CD is likely to be several years out of date. Please follow this procedure to unload the obsolete software and install current software for your course work:.

Please follow this link to select your textbook download the software. You will use your textbook to answer a question and unlock the download. If your textbook and specific edition are not shown there, please email Palisade Technical Support. Give the full title and edition number of the textbook, and we will send you a download link. Email only, please; we're unable to do this by phone or in live chat. Applies to: Palisade add-ins for Excel, releases 5. When I try to launch one of the Palisade tools, I get this error message:.

Could not start the Microsoft Excel application. This can happen after you upgrade Excel or the Palisade software, depending on the exact sequence of events. First, verify that Palisade software is installed on the same computer or server as Excel; you can't run our software on your computer with Excel on the Web or otherwise in the cloud. Then, try double-clicking an. XLSX file to verify that Excel is properly set up to open them. If those checks succeed, then any of the following options will solve "Could not start the Microsoft Excel application":.

Error accessing file. Network connection may have been lost. If you Google the error message, you will find numerous references to this message in various Microsoft Office programs. In a Project context, it appears your Global. If you don't have any customizations in Global. If the above shorter solution doesn't work for you, or if you have customizations that you don't want to lose, please try this solution that we found in an article at Tech Republic. Essentially you will delete and recreate the Global. Applies to: Palisade software releases 5.

When I try to launch the software, I get the error message. Something is stopping the license service from running. If you have a Windows policy setting that allows only specified executables, verify that PalFlexServer5. If it's Disabled, right-click it, select Properties, and set it to Manual. When I try to launch the software from a desktop icon or start menu shortcut, I get this message:.

Depending on which product you launch, there may be additional text, but "Error in loading DLL" is the key phrase. You may unintentionally be loading multiple copies of RISK. NET may not be registered properly. Please follow the procedure to re-register Visual Basic 6 Runtime. If the software runs now, you have solved the problem. If the problem still occurs, your System Registry may contain one or more references to a version of Excel that no longer exists on your computer. See also: Microsoft.

Applies to: All Palisade software releases 5. When I try to run my Palisade software, I get the message. In Computer or My Computer , navigate to the Palisade installation folder, then open the System folder under the Palisade folder. The full path is shown in the error message. Follow the repair procedure in Repair of Palisade Software. If the above does not work, check your Local Settings folder and make sure that it has not been set to read only.

Everything was working fine, but I upgraded to Windows 8. Windows 10 updates, or upgrading a computer to Windows 8. The upgrade should have no effect on certificate licenses, including textbook and course licenses. It should also have no effect on network client licenses, though a network server license may be broken. First, make sure that your existing software is compatible with your new version of Windows.

If they are not compatible, you will need to upgrade your Palisade software. This may be a transient condition. A success message would be generated once the machine gets connected to the domain controller and Group Policy has succesfully processed. If you do not see a success message for several hours, then contact your administrator.

The following error occured: The specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted. This session lasted seconds with seconds of active time. This session ended with a crash. This session lasted 21 seconds with 0 seconds of active time. This session lasted 10 seconds with 0 seconds of active time.

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This session lasted 6 seconds with 0 seconds of active time. This session lasted 12 seconds with 0 seconds of active time. This session lasted 1 seconds with 0 seconds of active time. This session lasted 5 seconds with 0 seconds of active time. Date: NET Framework 1. NET Framework 3.

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LAN connected. Google IP is accessible. Yahoo IP is accessible. Posted 24 November - PM I'm not finding any issues with your internet access. Can you browse in safemode with networking?

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Posted 26 November - AM Sorry for the late reply, Yes it's true I'm able to browse microsoft and anti virus sites in safe mode with networking. Posted 28 November - AM Rkill 2. BAT associations in the Windows Registry. If Google Updater Service is disabled or stopped, your Google software will not be kept up to date, meaning security vulnerabilities that may arise cannot be fixed and features may not work. If this service is stopped, the debuggers will not function properly. Also provides server communication for the customer experience improvement program.

If this service is disabled, search enhancement features such as search history may not work correctly. Posted 28 November - PM Everything works just fine. You guys are the best. Thank you very much. Regards Duarte Silva. Two free antivirus that i would suggest are Microsoft security essentials or Avast. You can select either one of them. If you have a paid one,make sure to update it frequently. Do not use multiple security softwares.

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